Floating and Resilient Development Knowledge Exchange 2022

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This forum has been created as a space to continue conversations and knowledge sharing during and after the Floating and Resilient Knowledge Exchange event on Sep. 29, 2022.

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Hello everyone, I am looking forward to co-hosting the breakout room on environmental benefits of floating development. It would be great if contributors or people who plan to join this session could send me material in advance, to ase.johannessen@gca.org if you want me to post it online and available for participants. We have already some info available on the topic here: Environmental benefits and impacts of floating development | Water Adaptation Community (adaptationexchange.org) Looking forward to meeting you!

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On Thursday you can find me and my colleague Bjorn Prudon in the second breakout room about Floating Solar. We will focus on two topics.

1. ‘Living together’ of floating solar, water ecology and water management in not to deep, sometimes even shallow inland water areas. For example: covering the water surface with to much solar panels will decrease Oxygen and increase Methane. And that is not what we like.

2. We will tell about World’s first submersible Floating Solar raft. This construct is an additional opportunity to beat days with heavy and bad wheater, by hiding under the water surface. So, we can develop light weight constructs and create longer lifespan

Our English is sometimes funny. I apologise. But we are professionals also.

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Hi Ase

The Seaphia team is looking forward to this event too! Thanks for organizing it.

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Hi All,

Chris Hackney who will present on the issue of sand mining in the environmental benefits of floating development shared with me this UNEP resource about the issue! One element of the breakout room will include exploring how floating developments can help reduce the sand mining demand https://unepgrid.ch/en/resource/2022SAND

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Looking forward to hosting Room 3 Architectural Design tomorrow.

Floating development is such an exciting space to be in because we can use this as an opportunity to RETHINK how things are done and take the best of what works from on-land "fixed site" but do brave and sustainable structures on-water. I will be representing my startup Nets23D.com and I hope there will be many curious and innovative attendees!

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A very nice event, we look forward to complement existing approaches with studies on the social complexity of large-scale urban floating settlements, please do not hesitate to drop a line. Thanks everyone and especially to the organisers!