Adaptation in Deltas

Delta adaptation is crucially important for water management and in building resilience. Deltas, characterized by fertile floodplains, proximity to the ocean, and inland water transport, are often densely populated and serve as significant drivers of economic growth. In fact, many deltas boast higher GDP per capita compared to their respective host economies. For example, the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia contributes to approximately a quarter of Vietnam’s GDP and is home to 20 million people. 

However, it is these synonymous elements of many deltas that also make them highly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Challenges such as subsidence, food security concerns, and the impending threat of rising sea levels pose significant dangers. If proactive adaptation measures are not implemented, the projected losses in some delta regions could be substantial enough to cripple entire economies. For example, it could impact up to 9% of GDP per capita in the Volta Delta and 19.5% in Bangladesh. These losses would result from infrastructure damage, decreased crop production, and dwindling fishing resources and would extend beyond economic ramifications, severely impacting livelihoods and exacerbating food insecurity. 

The WAC Community of Practice for Delta Adaptation will deliver dialogue exchanges, webinars, and other knowledge-sharing initiatives to support learning across networks and geographies. 

The Water Adaptation Community is a supporting partner of the  International Panel on Deltas and Coasts (IPDC) . Through its involvement in the ‘action holder’ layer of the IPDC, one of the three key layers of the panel, this partnership aims to foster innovative solutions, insights, and knowledge sharing via the WAC’s Communities of Practices. Together, the IPDC and the Water Adaptation Community strive to cultivate resilience and foster sustainable water management practices in deltas globally. 

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The Lena Delta Reserve seen from a satellite


Sylhet, Bangladesh

Webinar: Water and Climate Adaptation Strategies – The Case of Bangladesh

20/10/2023 - 11:00 to 12:30

Water and Climate Adaptation Strategies – the Case of Bangladesh, features cases of linking water and climate adaptation in Bangladesh from planning and governance to locally led adaptation.

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Webinar: Resilient Delta Cities – Adaptation Analysis, Planning, and Implementation

16/06/2023 - 13:00 to 14:30

The Resilient Delta Cities webinar shares cases of good adaptation practices in urban deltaic regions. 


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Webinar: Mobilizing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Deltas

26/05/2023 - 13:00 to 14:30

The webinar Mobilizing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Deltas, illustrates how deltaic countries leading in climate adaptation have used high-ambition decision-making and large-scale investment to prepare for future challenges.  

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