International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas- officially launched

Submitted by Olivia Allen | published 17th May 2023 | last updated 1st Jan 2024
IPDC - Introduction
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The IPDC launch, and partnership with the Water Adaptation Community

The International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas (IPDC) is a demand-driven and results-orientated coalition of the willing. Through evidence-based knowledge, the IPDC supports the development of national and regional adaptation strategies to mobilize finance for implementation.

IPDC will bring water to the heart of sustainable development and climate action. Driven by dedicated leadership, knowledge partners and international coalitions, the IPDC aims to be an effective international platform to foster partnerships and act on improving lives, livelihoods and ecosystems in the deltas, coastal areas and islands by supporting the implementation of climate adaptation strategies and accelerating climate actions.

The IPDC is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, supported in its founding phase by Deltares and the Global Center on Adaptation. The IPDC's commitment to the Water Action Agenda is to support countries in developing their national climate adaptation plans. The members are Argentina, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Australia, Aruba, Bonaire, St Maarten, St Eustatius, Curacao, Colombia, Asian Development Bank and the Green Climate Fund.

In 2023-2024 the Water Adaptation Community will focus its event and dialogues to support mainstreaming climate adaptation (from policy, to finance to implementing projects) in deltas, urban areas, coastal regions and on small islands. The Water Adaptation Community now has four communities of practice to support knowledge sharing among climate adaptation action holders. 

Visit the Water Adaptation Community Events page to register for upcoming webinars and dialogues to engage!

The communities of practice are:

  1. Urban Climate Resilience

  1. Adaptation in Deltas 

  1. Adaptation of Coasts

  1. Adaptation on Islands