Leveraging Water for Accelerating Adaptation

Submitted by Ase Johannessen | published 27th Jan 2023 | last updated 15th Mar 2023
Why Do We Need to Place Water at the Center of Adaptation?
Placing Water at the Center of Adaptation

Leveraging Water for Accelerating Adaptation

Climate change is here.

Water is the primary medium through which climate change is manifested.

Adaptation is therefore not just essential but is also smart economics with returns of $2 to $10 for every dollar invested. With ~60% adaptation related to water, it is at the same time a key enabler of adaptation

The poor and disadvantaged groups including women, indigenous people, persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by climate change; addressing drivers of underlying vulnerability is key for successful adaptation.

Improving water management and climate adaptation in coordination would protect water resources, reduce disaster risks, lower greenhouse-gas emissions and assure equitable access. 

Water Adaptation Community Resources

The Water Adaptation Community (WAC) launched the Water Adaptation Advocacy Platform to put forward recommendations and insights emerging from the experience of water practitioners across the globe, with the aim to advance thinking, engagement and action for water-centered climate adaptation.

As part of this knowledge sharing, we have produced informative, downloadable resources for the wider community.

Factsheet: Leveraging Water for Accelerating Adaptation 

Poster: Placing Water at the Center of Adaptation 

Webinar: The Urgency for Transformative Change: Placing Water at the Center of Adaptation