Ase Johannessen

Facilitator - Water Adaptation Community

Åse is a water expert and systems ecologist with 20 years’ professional experience with a diverse portfolio of empirical research, project and program management, knowledge brokering and policy work at Swedish, European, African and international level. Her main areas of expertise are social learning and collaboration for adaptive governance, risk reduction and resilience building in various development contexts. This includes risk reduction and adaptation in integrated water resources management, urban water services and integrated planning and management in various ecosystems and urban areas.

Coastal NBS

Brief: Scaling up Nature based Solutions for adaptation in coastal areas

This is a briefing on water adaptation originating in insights from the community providing recommendations for policy and practice. It provides an introduction as well as more in-depth material and connection to others in the Water Adaptation Community. 

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Accelerating adaptation action

Brief: Accelerating adaptation action

This is a briefing on water adaptation originating in insights from the community providing recommendations for policy and practice. It provides an introduction as well as more in depth material and connection to others in the Water Adaptation Community. 

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water leadership

Group Discussion: Complexity leadership and roundtable dialogues in Beira, Mozambique


Water Adaptation Community dialogues presents:  Complexity leadership with a practical application of roundtable dialogues in Beira, Mozambique  


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island of fiji

Large Ocean States (Small Pacific Islands) Webinar

LOS/Small Islands on the frontlines of the climate emergency - webinar" was held on Tuesday 29 Nov 2022 CET 6.00-7.45  / FJT 17:00-18:45 

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Mainstreaming water adaptation for climate resilience

Water governance is often not fit to respond to the adaptation challenges, being fragmented and insufficiently integrated with climate change planning. National, provincial and municipal governments and water boards hold different responsibilities for putting in place good water governance but sometimes lack capacity and coordination. Therefore, the current water crisis is very much a governance crisis exacerbated by climate change

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Knowledge exchange on urban resilience

On February 13, 2023 at 15:00-17:00 CET an interactive global knowledge exchange on urban climate risk assessment will  was hosted for city officials and risk assessment practitioners to discuss and exchange knowledge on assessing and addressing informal settlements, and exchange knowledge of successes and challenges with implementation, after risk assessments.

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Ase is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

istock-1202982084thumb 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation on Small Islands

On the frontlines of the climate emergency, large ocean states are faced with specific challenges related to water, such as high exposure to storms, erosion and water scarcity to mention a few. 
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cape town - climate adaptation.

Urban Climate Resilience

Humanity needs to take up the challenge to work in partnership and pool its resources and innovations toward sustainable and resilient urban areas. Disasters, climate change, rapid urbanization, and other unsustainable development pose a serious risk to the prosperous future and livability of urban areas.
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delta 18 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation in Deltas

Deltas are particularly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Delta networks and communities have identified several key topics to work on including subsidence, food security, and sea level rise. 
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