Francoise van Buijtenen

DT & CA Coordinator

Image of XblocPlus on Afsluitdijk

A proven solution towards water resilience

Delta Marine Consultants developed concrete X-shaped blocs providing proven protection against waves and currents. DMC offers solutions for numerous challenges relating to water. Examples include stormwater drainage systems in urban areas, methods to control river runoff, flood and wave protection systems for both in marine and river environments.  

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Francoise is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

adam-jang-molhe1qqrwi-unsplash 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation of Coastal Areas

Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, this community is to share knowledge and good practice of shoreline management and coastal climate resilience.  
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cape town - climate adaptation.

Urban Climate Resilience

Humanity needs to take up the challenge to work in partnership and pool its resources and innovations toward sustainable and resilient urban areas. Disasters, climate change, rapid urbanization, and other unsustainable development pose a serious risk to the prosperous future and livability of urban areas.
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delta 18 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation in Deltas

Deltas are particularly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Delta networks and communities have identified several key topics to work on including subsidence, food security, and sea level rise. 
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