Nitya Jacob

Consultant, WAC

I am passionate about water issues and where they intersect with human lives. I've strong skills in communication, networking and advocacy.


Integrated water resources management in Africa: Issues and Options

The authors of this article say the Economic Commission for Africa recognises water and it’s prudent management as a key to reversing the downward spiral in human welfare resulting from a combination of rapid population growth, stagnating per capita food production and accelerating environmental degradation.

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Stormwater management in the desert southwest USA

In southwestern desert area of the United States, water management has not received much attention despite several decades of experience. The region has high rainfall intensity even though the annual precipitation is very low. Runoff is high making stormwater management essential for protecting the quality and quantity of rainfall.

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Old traditional water pump

Searching for water to mitigate conflicts

In northern Mali, a dry area of 827,000 square kilometres, water has been a source of strife. As the Sahara desert expands southwards, finding water is becoming increasingly urgent, and harder. Communities, supported by NGOs are digging small shallow wells to provide water.

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Old town of Quito

Quito, Ecuador: pioneering food as part of urban resilience

Quito is one of the very few cities to have institutionalised food within its urban resilience strategy. With a long history of urban agriculture and food system assessments, Quito has developed resilience capacities
to address multiple shocks and stresses.

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Coastline full of boats with lots of living houses on the hill, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Time for resilient agriculture and food systems in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The 2021 eruption of La Soufrière volcano in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) took place in a
context of years of significant under investment in the agriculture sector. Cheron Constance traces the
immediate impacts on farms and farmers, the medium-and long-term consequences, and proposes actions to build a resilient, revalued food system for the island nation.

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kandha batata in Dhaka

Mapping and assessing fresh-food markets in the Dhaka metropolitan area

Dhaka's fresh food markets cater to over 20 million citizens. They sell a variety of fresh produce, some sourced from within the city but mostly from outside. But poor public services and water supply are challenges to hygiene.

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Nitya is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

delta 18 - climate adaptation.

Deltas and coastal areas

Deltas and coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Delta and coastal networks and communities have identified several key topics to work on including subsidence, food security, and sea level rise. 
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organisation 2 - climate adaptation.

Innovation, learning and behaviour change

Learning is claimed to be key for supporting water adaptation and the related governance.  For this social learning to happen, actors need to interact and support a change in understanding that occurs and manifests in organisations, and society as a whole.
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istock-1201530843 0 - climate adaptation.

Water and Culture

Water may not hold memory, but the communities managing the water do. Water managers and planners can and should benefit from a rich past of water knowledge in innovating for water related climate action.
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shane-rounce-dnkonxqti3c-unsplash 1 - climate adaptation.

Social inclusion

The Community of Practice on Social Inclusion aims towards understanding how to better do project and program design to pay attention to social inclusion. The CoP will soon publish a series of deep dive interviews with practitioners - exploring their take on the best way of engaging with Local Communities.
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nature-based-solutions2 1 - climate adaptation.

Nature based solutions

Nature-based solutions become more and more important to achieve the global goals within the planetary boundaries.
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