Wonders Ebimotimimowei Pibowei


C-Suite Expert with 8+ years of global track record in unlocking mission critical solutions for a better working nation, serves as Executive Admin Officer at Strides Energy & Maritime Limited, Independent Non-Executive Director at Lowase Management Consulting, and Ph.D. Fellow in Accounting. Founder of Lowase Management Consulting, with technical background as a Financial Planning & Reporting Analyst, Business & Startup Valuation Analyst, Climate Resilience Infrastructure Officer, Procurement & Supply Chain Expert, Board Trustees Governance Expert, Strategy Development Expert, and Corporate Sustainability Expert. Holds a M.Sc. degree in Financial Accounting, B.Sc. degree in Accountancy, Diploma in National Health Laboratory Systems for Covid-19, and Certificates in Financial Evaluation of Health Supply Chains, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, Tender Document Control & Submission Writing, Policy Analysis for Post-disaster Reconstruction, Policy Analysis for Disaster Risk Governance, Multidimensional Poverty Index, Inclusive Cybercrime Policymaking, Public Policy Analysis, etc.

Focal Point at UNCTAD African Regional Partnership of Sustainability & SDG Reporting, African Ambassador to the Wheeler Institute for Business & Development at London Business School, Career Mentor at Manchester Metropolitan University, Judge & Mentor at 2022/23 Kellogg Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge, Judge & Mentor at 2021 Google Africa Developer Scholarship, and Boardroom Adviser at 2021 Acumen IKEA East Africa Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator. Member of NASDAQ Center for Board Excellence, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, Academia.edu Medicine Editorial Board, Wiley Business Accounting Finance Advisory Panel, CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem Group, CFA Institute Practice Analysis Working Body, Chatham House Common Futures Conversations in Africa & Europe, UNDP Independent Policy & Practitioners Network, and UNDP Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability. Nigerian Delegate to the Asian Development Bank Institute, International Telecommunications Union, United Nations General Assembly, Chatham House International Security Program, and Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program.

Wonders Ebimotimimowei is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

istock-1202982084thumb 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation on Small Islands

On the frontlines of the climate emergency, large ocean states are faced with specific challenges related to water, such as high exposure to storms, erosion and water scarcity to mention a few. 
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cape town - climate adaptation.

Urban Climate Resilience

Humanity needs to take up the challenge to work in partnership and pool its resources and innovations toward sustainable and resilient urban areas. Disasters, climate change, rapid urbanization, and other unsustainable development pose a serious risk to the prosperous future and livability of urban areas.
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delta 18 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation in Deltas

Deltas are particularly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Delta networks and communities have identified several key topics to work on including subsidence, food security, and sea level rise. 
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