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Rainwater harvesting in the Maroodi Jeex landscape مَرودِ جيحْ in Somaliland

Submitted by Ase Johannessen 22nd April 2022 15:27
Stone contour lines  in Somaliland

Stone contour lines in Somaliland


Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO) team in Somaliland constructed soil conservation stone line bunds measuring 3200 linear meter (Lm), equivalent to approximately 50 hectares of land to address soil erosion in degraded rangelands. Estimated 200 beneficiaries for this sustainable land management techniques were pastoralist and agro-pastoralists. This was part of the long-term efforts to restore the land for growing fodder and grasses for the  pastoralist/agro-pastoralist community in the in Maroodi Jeex landscape مَرودِ جيحْ (Somali) مَرودي جيح (Arabic).

This technology was deployed to reduce water run-­off, mitigating flooding, and instead allowing rainwater to seep into the soil. The slowing down of flows helps decrease soil erosion in the rangeland areas, accumulate organic matter and sustain fodder productivity from high moisture content. Stone contour lines is a sustainable land management practice is thus providing a good environment for fodder and grass to grow and restore the land with vegetation and guaranteeing the harvest. If a good vegetation cover is developed on the stone bunds, they also lower soil temperature, provide protection against wind erosion and help to conserve biodiversity.