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Sylhet, Bangladesh

Water & Climate Adaptation Strategies – The Case of Bangladesh

Water and Climate Adaptation Strategies – the Case of Bangladesh, features cases of linking water and climate adaptation in Bangladesh from planning and governance to locally led adaptation.

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IPDC Champion Statements 2023

In March 2023, the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas (IPDC) officially launched at the UN Water Conference in New York. This article summarizes the champion's statements at the high-level launch event.

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Resilient Delta Cities – Adaptation Analysis, Planning, and Implementation

The Resilient Delta Cities webinar shares cases of good adaptation practices in urban deltaic regions. 


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Biera Mozambique

A patient process-oriented approach in Beira, Mozambique

Beira is a city in Mozambique with a municipal government that has worked with the Netherlands since 2012 in a long-term partnership to support urban resilience. The partners made a conscious decision to focus on process, allowing strategies to emerge and adapt to changing contexts.

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Woman on a boat

Working with nature in the Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the world’s third-largest, accounting for 18 percent of Vietnam’s GDP and population. This case study describes the shifts in approach of its development especially in agriculture, and engineering projects to manage water flows. 

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Mira River

Colombia: Community participation in adaptation through food security

The 90.8-km-long Mira River connects several ecosystems, from mangroves along the Pacific coast through humid tropical forests to cloud forests and scrublands at the river’s origins in the Andes mountains. This case study describes the impacts of climate change on the delta's ecosystems.

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Managing Water Resources and Disaster Risk in Bangladesh

Bangladesh occupies the world’s largest delta, making it highly vulnerable to recurrent natural disasters. However, the delta, if properly managed, could also be an engine of economic growth. The country recently adopted the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

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Floating gardens in Myanmar

Webinar: Climate Adaptation in Agriculture: Water for Food Security

The quest to secure water for agriculture is central to addressing global food security. Agriculture uses about 70% of global water resources, even as demands from other sectors are increasing sharply. Speakers at this webinar covered the water- food security links, and ensuring water security by better management.

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Mekong Delta

Adaptation in deltas

Speakers at the webinar presented cases of adaptation in the deltas that showed how to accelerate adaptation to address resilient and sustainable development. They highlighted good practices and how to upscale and accelerate adaptation.

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