Blessing Charuka


Blessing Charuka is a coastal researcher in Integrated Coastal Zone Management currently affiliated with the Centre for Coastal Management, Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. His research focuses on coastal management strategies, coastal adaptation approaches, environmental and socioeconomic impacts, and stakeholder engagement in integrated coastal zone management. His research also explores science-policy-society interfaces, pathways to coastal adaptation and sustainable coastal futures. He is currently a fellow with the Future Earth Coasts (FEC).

Blessing is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

adam-jang-molhe1qqrwi-unsplash 0 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation of Coastal Areas

Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, this community is to share knowledge and good practice of shoreline management and coastal climate resilience.  
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