Olivia Allen

Facilitator of the Water Adaptation Community

Olivia Allen (she/her) works an independent social-impact consulting in the water and climate change space; offering facilitation of networks and meetings, community engagement and social impact research services. Olivia has a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Water Technology diploma, throughout her career, she has worked with many impactful water-centric Canadian-based organizations and networks including the British Columbia Water Funders Collaborative, Waterlution - A Water Learning Experience, and the Atlantic Water Network.

Addressing Uncertainty in Coastal Resilience Building

Addressing Uncertainty in Coastal Resilience Building

Futureproofing: Water and Climate Adaptation is a webinar series focused on adaptation strategy, practices, and financing for coastal areas, including islands and deltas.   

The series is designed to support the ambition of the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas - to build capacity for effective adaptation planning, governance, and finance – through online knowledge sharing. The webinars consist of expert presentations and panel discussions. 

The first webinar, ‘Addressing Uncertainty in Coastal Resilience Building, showcases coastal adaptation projects to frame how future-oriented planning and risk reduction can support communities and economic resilience.

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Sylhet, Bangladesh

Water & Climate Adaptation Strategies – The Case of Bangladesh

Water and Climate Adaptation Strategies – the Case of Bangladesh, features cases of linking water and climate adaptation in Bangladesh from planning and governance to locally led adaptation.

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The webinar, “Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Climate Resilience” shares the need for and complexity of integrated coastal zone management plans. 

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Report on the IPDC Caribbean Climate Adaptation and Water Conference

This report summarizes the IPDC's Caribbean-focused conference from December 2022, conducted in the IPDCs development phase.

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IPDC Champion Statements 2023

In March 2023, the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas (IPDC) officially launched at the UN Water Conference in New York. This article summarizes the champion's statements at the high-level launch event.

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The climate emergency on Small Islands – challenges and opportunities

 The climate emergency on Small Islands – Challenges and Opportunities webinar highlights the unique climate adaptation challenges that small islands face and will share some hands-on opportunities that have proven successful to deal with these challenges.  

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Olivia is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Adaptation of Coastal Areas

Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, this community is to share knowledge and good practice of shoreline management and coastal climate resilience.  
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Adaptation on Small Islands

On the frontlines of the climate emergency, large ocean states are faced with specific challenges related to water, such as high exposure to storms, erosion and water scarcity to mention a few. 
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cape town - climate adaptation.

Urban Climate Resilience

Humanity needs to take up the challenge to work in partnership and pool its resources and innovations toward sustainable and resilient urban areas. Disasters, climate change, rapid urbanization, and other unsustainable development pose a serious risk to the prosperous future and livability of urban areas.
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delta 18 - climate adaptation.

Adaptation in Deltas

Deltas are particularly vulnerable to water-related climate risks. Delta networks and communities have identified several key topics to work on including subsidence, food security, and sea level rise. 
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