Webinar: The climate emergency on Small Islands – challenges and opportunities

Submitted by Olivia Allen | published 9th Jun 2023 | last updated 24th Jul 2023
Recording of the Climate Emergency on Small Islands - challenges and opportunities
Wednesday, 5 July, 2023 - 14:00 to 15:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)

The climate emergency on Small Islands – challenges and opportunities

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“Futureproofing Water and Climate Adaptation” is a webinar series focused on adaptation strategy, practices, and financing for deltas, urban deltas, small islands and coastal areas.  
The series is designed to support the ambition of the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas – to build capacity for effective adaptation planning, governance and finance – through online knowledge sharing and creation. This series of four webinars consist of sharing good practices, panel discussions and interactive community dialogues.  
 “The climate emergency on Small Islands – Challenges and Opportunities ” webinar highlights the unique climate adaptation challenges that small islands face and will share some hands-on opportunities that have proven successful to deal with these challenges.  


  • Mr. Feisal Rahman, Senior Water and Climate Adaptation Specialist, Global Center on Adaptation 

Opening Remarks: 

  • Mr. Ursell M. Arends, Government of Aruba, Minister of Transport, Integrity, Nature and Elderly Affairs 

Supporting Facilitator: 

  • Ms. Olivia Allen, Water Adaptation Community Facilitator, Global Center on Adaptation 


  • Ms. Pédzi Girigori de Flores Martinez. Head of Observations - Forecasting and Warnings Division, Meteorological Department Curaçao 

  • Ms. Irene Seemann, Director, Rebel Deutschland, Combating climate change in São Tomé and Príncipe Feasibility and ROVs 

  • Mr. Scott Leckie, Founder & Director, Displacement Solutions 

  • Ms. Anais De Keijser, SWECO 


The event will be live-streamed across GCA’s social media channels, with participants able to pre-register and join via Zoom. After formal opening remarks each webinar will have four presentations and will close with a panel discussion moderated by the chair. Each webinar will feature a range of speakers championing water-climate adaptation with innovative finance models, policies and projects. The webinars close with a panel discussion to identify knowledge gaps, advocacy, and actions for IPDC and for positing water-adaptation at COP28. After the four-part series, the Water Adaptation Community will host a non-lived streamed dialogue on Zoom, as an informal space for individuals who want to further discuss emergent subtopics, gaps and opportunities. 



Olivia Allen, Water Adaptation Community Facilitator- olivia.allen@gca.org