Webinar: Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Climate Resilience

Submitted by Olivia Allen | published 21st Jun 2023 | last updated 24th Jul 2023
Recording of Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Climate Resilience webinar
Thursday, 29 June, 2023 - 13:00 to 14:45 (Europe/Amsterdam)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Climate Resilience


"Futureproofing Water and Climate Adaptation" is a webinar series focused on adaptation strategy, practices, and financing for deltas, urban deltas, small islands and coastal areas.  

The series is designed to support the ambition of the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areas - to build capacity for effective adaptation planning, governance and financethrough online knowledge sharing and creation. This series of four webinars consists of sharing good practices, panel discussions and interactive community dialogues 

The first webinar, Mobilizing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Deltas," illustrates how deltaic countries leading in climate adaptation have used high-ambition decision-making and large-scale investment to prepare for future challenges.   

The second webinar, " Resilient Delta Cities," shares cases of good adaptation practices in urban deltaic regions. 

The third webinar, “Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Climate Resilience” shares the need and complexity of integrated coastal zone management plans

The final, The climate emergency on Small Islands – Challenges and Opportunities " highlights the unique climate adaptation challenges that small islands face and will share some hands-on opportunities that have proven successful to deal with these challenges.  

Upon concluding this series of webinars, a community dialogue will be organized for participants and presenters to further discuss emergent and cutting-edge knowledge identified during the webinar series 


Some 40%+ of the global population lives on the coast, coastal areas are concentrations of economic activities, employing 58.5 million people globally in the fishing industry alone. In addition, marine transportation and ocean tourism are trillion-dollar industries (1). Without climate adaptation measures, damage to infrastructure, losses in crop production, and reduced fishing yields could cause average GDP losses of up to 19.5 percent in the world's deltas (2) similarly, it is estimated that 20% of the global GDP could be affected by flooding due to climate change (3).  

As the impacts of climate change continue to intensify, flooding risk will increase, putting infrastructure valued between US$7.9 and US$12.7 trillion at risk, as well as the lives of hundreds of millions of people. With 40% of the global population living within 100 km of the coast and 11% living in low-lying coastal areas, the impacts of sea level rise could be felt as soon as 2050 (4).  Accelerating adaptation efforts is essential to protect people, landscapes, economies, and even the very existence of some islands and deltaic coasts. 


Knowledge-sharing of good adaptation practices, in assessment, planning, financing and implementation, can accelerate adaptation efforts. The GCA’s Water Adaptation Community is connecting and supporting a wide range of practitioners to accelerate water and climate adaptation globally. The members are individuals working in various roles, from city planning to climate change management, and from water governance to water for food, drinking, related economics, and financing.  

There are four communities of practice:  Urban Climate Resilience,  Deltas,  Coasts, Islands.  

 The aim is to foster global knowledge-sharing of good practice, as a strategy to accelerate water-linked climate adaptation, linking science, policies, governance, financing, strategy innovations, and implementation, often reaching beyond the water sector  

The Water Adaptation Community facilitators broker knowledge from the community members to national and international policymakers, through a partnership with the International Panel on Deltas (IPDC) and Coastal Areas. Researchers and practitioners can bring their knowledge and experiences to the IPDC by becoming active members of the Water Adaptation Community.  Learn more about the International Panel on Deltas and Coastal Areashttps://deltasandcoasts.net/  


Chair:  Ms. Aoife Fleming, Youth Leadership and Education Office, Global Center on Adaptation  

Supporting Facilitator: Ms. Olivia Allen, Water Adaptation Community Facilitator, Global Center on Adaptation 


  • Mr. Arno Bouwman. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency  

  • Ms. Mikaela Rambali, Policy Analyst, OECD 

  • Dr. John Kissi, Chief Executive of the Ghana Hydrological Services Authority 

  • Mr. Chang Chian Wui, Coastal Protection Department, Singapore 

  • Mr. George Peters, Climate Resilience Global Leading Market Director, Royal Haskoning DHV 

  • Ms. Joanna Eyquem, Managing Director, Intact Center on Climate Adaptation  

  • Mr. Matthijs Bouw, Architect and Urbanist, One Architecture 


Contact: Olivia Allen - Water Adaptation Community Facilitator olivia.allen@gca.org