Brief: Scaling up Nature based Solutions for adaptation in coastal areas

Submitted by Ase Johannessen | published 9th Feb 2023 | last updated 9th Feb 2023
Scaling up Nature based Solutions for adaptation in coastal areas
Coastal NBS

Illustration by Jagoba Malumbres-Olarte, PhD, Researcher and Science Illustrator at Designers for Climate and the WAC team. 


Water is to adaptation what greenhouse gases is to mitigation. However, halfway into the Water Action Decade, our progress on water related goals and targets remains alarmingly off track. To help accelerate water adaptation, the Water Adaptation Community has developed a series of briefs with awareness and advocacy material with recommendations for policy and practice.

WHO: This material is for anyone who wants to understand what water adaptation is. The package includes both short teasers, as well as more in-depth material, catering for people with a wide range of expertise. 

WHAT: This brief is part of a series which presents various aspects acknowledging the crucial role of water for sustainable development in a new climate. The brief describes from the perspective of involved experts what water adaptation is and how water is key for climate adaptation. 

WHY: Water is key to adaptation and needs to be better reflected in adaptation strategies. Water has long been down prioritized in society. Because it is a common property supporting all SDGs across sectors, it suffers from down-prioritization. For example, in the food sector, food production will always be prioritized, but what is often slipping is sustainably managing the crucial water resource supporting food security, including mitigating floods and droughts. Water and its value therefore need to become more visible and prioritized by society.  

Scaling up Nature based Solutions for adaptation in coastal areas

This material consists of the following:

1. A summary video of a webinar bringing together leading experts. This video can be used as intro or teaser, see above. The full video of the webinar is also available by clicking this link. 

2. A poster that is free to download and print in color. See below under Further resources.