An example of concrete for coastal protection

Submitted by Francoise van Buijtenen | published 29th Nov 2022 | last updated 7th Apr 2023
XblocPlus, a proven method towards water resilience


Xbloc® and XBlocPlus®  are products that build on 40 years of experience in design of marine constructions and 20 years of experience with the original Xbloc armour units.

The Xbloc product line offers wave protection with a strong focus on:

Resilience to climate change

Breakwaters and shore protection have been tested stable up to 200% of the design wave height. Xstream river systems are flexible and easily adaptable in case of changing river runoff.

Nature value and Sustainability

We aim to stimulate aquatic life development in the porous Xbloc layer and our blocks lead up to 50% in reduction of the carbon footprint.

Financial feasibility

Xbloc and XblocPlus lead to reduced material quantities compared to rock armour and other concrete armour blocks. Furthermore XblocPlus leads to 25% - 50% fewer blocks needed compared to other concrete armour blocks resulting in installation time and cost savings.


Thanks to the form and layout of the blocks, XblocPlus offers a modern architectural quality complementing the design of shore protection structures, e.g. breakwaters for marinas.

Continuous innovation

Within the 3 main systems Delta Marine Consultants continuously strives to develop innovations to make our projects more safe, practical sustainable and efficient.

The Xbloc product line comprises of the following products:

  • Xbloc: randomly placed breakwater armour units
  • XblocPlus: pattern-placed breakwater armour units
  • Xstream: small Xbloc units placed in bulk to form river groins and scour protections.

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